New book of a Monuments Men father, tells of a boy who stows away to come to America circa 1905, a sculptor, who stands firm in his love for an unfaithful woman, saves over 600 Allied soldiers during WWII in this true story.

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The True Life and Loves of
Salvatore Cartaino Scarpitta and Family

Formerly titled: The Noble Sculptor


"Declared by critics to be one of the best sculptors Italy has produced since the Renaissance."
Commended by both Britain and the United States for helping to save over 600 lives during World War II. His story was told on the popular This Is Your Life television series in 1953.
Adventurer • Lover • Composer • Singer • Sculptor • Hero
Judge for the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics


C. S. Pietro
Cousin to Salvatore. Sculptor and friend to John Boroughs, William Howard Taft, Henry Ford and others.
With brother, Paolo, and cousin, Salvatore,
Pietro was one of
The Three Sculptors™.
A story of love, betrayal, and loss.

Salvatore Pietro Cartaino

Son of Pietro, and also a professional sculptor,
this is the poignant story of a father's loss
of his son's love.


UNCOVERED in this extensive work are Marlene Dietrich, Frank Capra, Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Munson (famed New York model), Kamuela Searle (the Son of Tarzan), Frank Sinatra, Mussolini, Admiral John Hall, Jr. (the “Viking of Assault") and countless others. Be among the first to know when this classic story of an Italian-American immigrant sculptor is released.
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C. S. Paulo
Cousin to Salvatore and older brother to Pietro.
Painter, prolific sculptor...and P
ietro's protector.
Paolo later adopted his brother's son.
With brother, Pietro, and cousin, Salvatore, he was one of The Three Sculptors™.

Daughter of Pietro

In the midst of a difficult relationship for Maria comes the narrative of a tragic romance in a story spanning three continents. Maria is the mother of professional artist, Starr Abbott Merkle—whose story is also told.


Narrowly rescued by his mother from life with a powerful Mafia figure, Joe lived through dangers and difficulties in World War II Alaska before struggling towards his own dream of raising a family.

Salvatore, Jr.

Second son of Salvatore. From a storyful beginning, to a boy who became the national tree-sitting champion, to World War II partisan and a Monuments Man in Italy, Sal, Jr., went on to become an artist whose works are now collected by the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Gallery. Sal was a grand story teller and a story unto himself.


The story of Guy, Salvatore's oldest son, is a romantic story set in World War II Hollywood. One of the famed Hollywood Commandoes, "...there wasn't anything he couldn't do." Nominated for a television Emmy® Award, Guy, like his father, was an outstanding sculptor.

Below are just a few of the people found in this multi-generational true story of an Italian immigrant and his family. Read just those whose stories of interest to you, or immerse yourself in the full saga of this family's adventures, struggles, tragedies, loves and triumphs. This will become a classic for generations to come!

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Etching of famed sculptor and hero Salvatore Cartaino Scarpitta, Sr.

Many More

Others include Stella Cartaino (C.S. Pietro's wife), Baroness Cusa, Antoinette, Nadia, Luigi Criscuolo, Ana, Jeanne Bertrand, Salvatore's brother, Frank Cartaino, & his family... and more. Each brings their own story of struggle, transitions... and love.


Granddaughter of Pietro, Starr alone has carried on the substance of the classic art embodied in those who went before her. Her story of surviving polio as a girl, giving her the time and drive to become the successful artist she became, is an example to others.

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Primary source materials combined with numerous exclusive interviews with story principals, their families and others who knew them, provide "the best researched and most authoritative book on Salvatore and his family on the planet.*"
*Source Materials in The Cartainos.


Includes an extended section on the importance of fathers in this and all families and suggestions on saving your family's history.


Dozens of stories are told, both Cartaino principals and selected others whose stories touch or are touched by those in this remarkable family!

Spanning nearly two hundred years, this multi-generational true story has never been told!

Pietro Michael

A man of great love and caring. There was great sadness in him and in his children who were forced to grow up apart from their father. Throughout their lives, his children harbored a constant longing for his love. From where else would it come?